My philosophy

How I get you into shape

I have the been there, felt that, and struggled with that attitude.  While on my journey to a healthy lifestyle I experienced many physical and emotional setbacks. I can honestly support others who are ready to make a lifestyle change with sympathy, and give a wholesome genuine attitude to motivate you on your journey to a healthier you.  I focus on building confidence, by targeting attitude, behavior, commitment, desire, and effort. I will help you gain a better understanding on how living a healthy lifestyle will improve your quality of life and why it is important to live making better choices to extend your longevity.  Take it from a woman who once weighed in at 320 pounds and has lost over half of my body weight.  I am currently in the 50+ age group and feel like I am in my prime.  It's never to late to start and it certainly does not end.  

It's a lifestyle thing bring Healthy  back by finding Your Solution to a Healthier Lifestyle at Solutions For Everybody!